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Learn from real visitors why you should choose Sterling Court

Our mother moved in recently and has adjusted to her new apartment thanks to the work from Sterling Court staff from day one. The upbeat smiles and kindness is contagious by both the residents and staff on a daily basis and is to be commended. We are confident this kind care will continue throughout her stay here. As we pursued several potential places for our mother it became very clear this was the place. We were informed prior to our visit that they are known for their hospitality and certainly confirm this is true and accurate. If you are pursuing a place for your loved one we highly recommend that you make an appointment for a tour! Best wished with your loved one!

Scott B.

5-star, Google Review

I’m not normally one who posts, but I wanted to say how EXTREMELY happy we’ve been these last few months working with the Staff at Sterling Court.

When my Mom passed away, we found ourselves wondering how Dad was going to be able to take care of himself. She was his primary caregiver, and without her, we weren’t sure how we were going to manage.

Once Dad agreed to move to a retirement community, we began our search, and from the initial contact to Sterling Court, we felt very well taken care of and welcomed–especially with our contact, Brooks Rigtrup.

Brooks began his relationship with us via a Zoom call tour of the facility, which gave Dad (and us) a great idea of what the facility was like and Brooks patiently answered a TON of questions, followed by copious amounts of phone calls, emails, and other video chats. Not once have we felt we’ve been a burden to him or any other staff members at Sterling in order to complete Dad’s move.

Dad’s early in his residency at the facility, but so far it’s been the best experience, and we are all so appreciative of the time, patience, and cooperation we’ve had working with this wonderful community.

We look forward to many years of happiness and peace for Dad during his later years and recommend Sterling Court to families who find themselves in the same situation we’ve gone through.

Thank you, Brooks and the Sterling Court Community for helping us through this transition.

Cara L.

5-star, Google Review

Now I don’t live here, but wow I went to visit some friends that do and it is amazing I would love to live there 🙂 It kind of reminded me of Disneyland and an Embassy Suites together. They have a sweet shop and all these other shops that have these wonderful colored glass signs which is what reminds me of Disneyland. The design itself with the glass elevator and how from each floor you can look down into the eating area is so much an embassy suites style. They have everything there and my two friends that moved there absolutely love it they’ve been there a month and they are so happy. They kept saying it’s an older building but it didn’t look old to me and very welcome I would have thought it was built in the last couple years.

Jaden T.

5-star, Google Review

My Mother lived at Sterling court for the last five years. The people there are very kind and took fantastic care of my mother. We picked Sterling Court because the rooms were bigger and each room has either a patio or deck right off the living room. . The food is good and they have many, many activities. The best part of the facility is the people.They make all the diffidence. I have no way to compare it to any other facility but I do know that their service is really personable and caring.

Bill S.

5-star, Google Review

Sterling Court is truly a wonderful assisted living facility! All the staff , employees & residents are so warm, friendly & helpful. The marketing director, Nina Heck, is an outstanding professional with such drive, enthusiasm, energy, & caring you can not help immediately loving everything about her! She is so precious & one of the main reasons we chose Sterling Court.

Mimi W.

5-star, Google Review

Sterling Court has been a god send for my mother! She moved into her spacious apartment in February. She already has many friends and she enjoys the many activities and socials that Sterling Court hosts. The entire staff at Sterling Court seems to care about the residents and truly try to make their lives happy and full. Andy, the administrative director, is amazing!

Russell T.

5-star, Google Review

Mom moved into Sterling Court after Dad passed away. They lived in St George and she wanted to stay. We looked at several places. I usually got a thumbs down at each place until we visited Sterling Court. The first thing we noticed is the employees liked working there. Happy employees make happy residents. The staff to resident ratio was good. The residents were friendly and said hi to us as we looked.

Her move in was great and they helped where they could. Her stay was excellent. If something happened with mom we got a call (we live 9 hour drive away). She was well cared for. We didn’t have to worry about her. We visited several times the 18 months she was there. Always felt she was safe.

She finally agreed to move to where we live. Sterling court helped in any way they could to make her last days great. The general manager even offered to help us load the truck when we had problems with the movers showing up. They made mom a lunch to go and had her meds in ready to go paks for the travel which we took two days to do.

Mom likes her new place and we are over there all the time but it is just not the same. Alas, we don’t have a Sterling Court where we live.


5-star, Google Review

I have been working at Sterling Court for almost 6 months and I absolutely love it! It is an amazing facility, with even more amazing residents and staff. There are always fun activities going on that get everyone involved. Sterling Court is the best!

Camille B.

5-star, Google Review

We love sterling court! When it was time for mom to move into a smaller place where she could get a little daily assistance we asked her trust attorney, and financial planner which of all the assisted living places would they recommend based on current and former clients and without hesitation they both said Sterling Court is the best in town.

Carrie K.

5-star, Google Review

Sterling Court is hands down one of the best communities in Southern Utah! It is so nice knowing there is a place where your loved one will receive the best amenities and care! The location is very accommodating and accessible! Staff is top notch!

Brandon L.

5-star, Google Review

Sterling Court is a compassionate and loving building full of friendly residents and well trained staff members. I would not choose anywhere else for my loved ones to be! Thank you Sterling Court!
Kori L.

5-star, Google Review

Sterling Court is amazing! My grandma loved being there. The staff treated her with so much respect and kindness. I will forever be grateful to Sterling Court.
Craig T.

5-star, Google Review

Beautiful building, the staff is amazing. Food is always good and there is always someone around if you need help. Everytime I stop by the residents are always doing a fun activity or theres always some sort of entertainment going on.
Cody K.

5-star, Google Review